About Us

Daylighting has become a necessity in everyday construction projects from municipal water/ sewer repairs, to oil and gas pipeline construction. It has evolved and its needs have become more specific and demanding, GPS has identified these and met the challenge.We have developed and built a full fleet of innovative units to serve our customer’s every need – making us your one call for hydrovac services PERIOD !! One project itself may have site specific and geographical challenges, including the need for large tridrive hydrovacs for large excavations on solid ground , small 4 x 4 hydrovacs would be more suited for congested and high traffic areas. Our off-road hydrovacs meet the real challenges in soft muskegg areas which might otherwise require expensive matting to get hydrovacs into excavation site, or require trucks to be towed up steep hills with additional equipment creating a very dangerous situation for the driver of the heavy unit . GPS – YOUR ONE CALL FOR ALL HYDROVAC SERVICES

We have developed and built a full itinerary of innovative units to serve our customers better !!